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How to change a tire, tire maintenance, tire buying guide and tips

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  • This website purpose is to provide step by step guides on how to change, fix, and inflate flat tire. As well as tips on tire maintenance: tire pressure, rotation, alignment, balance, and inspection.

    Change flat tire, tire speed rating and more!!.

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    How to change a flat tire

    Step by step guide on how to change a flat tire quickly and safely. Follow the guide to insure your safety and cause no damage to your vehicle.

    How to fix flat Tire

    Step by step guide on how to fix a flat tire quickly and safely. Learn how to know if the tire repairable, and other tips to save the day.

    Canned Tire Inflator

    Canned tire inflators: purpose, use, and cautions.

    Step by step guide on how to use canned tire inflator.

    Tire Rotation

    To insure that all tires are wearing at the same rate, tire rotation is necessary. Tire rotation is the single most important tire maintenace task to do.

    Tire Maintenance

    After rotating tires as recommended, follow these tips to increase longitivity of tires, and prevent having a flate tire. Tire pressure, Tire and wheel alignment, Tire balance

    Tire inspection

    Inspecting your tires regularly to insure a safe ride, and increase tire longitivity.

    Tire size meaning

    The meaning of the letters and numbers on the side wall. It tells the width, height, radius, and other important info.

    Tire speed rating

    Each brand or model is rated, by the manufacturer, to handle a maximium speed. Click link above to see tire speed rating table.

    Tire load index

    Each brand or model can handle certain amount of load capacity. Click link above to see tire load index table.

    Tire Types

    It is crucial to choose the proper type for you: - Summer tires - All season tires - Winter tires

    Changing wheel size

    Few tips on choosing the right wheel and tire size for your vehicle after changing wheel size.

    The main purpose of this web site is to explain step by step how to change a tire, how to fix flat tire, tire maintenance, how to use canned tire inflator and sealant, how to inspect tires, how to read tire pressure, and proper tire pressure. Included are some tire buying tips, that would help you become more familiar with tire size meaning, tire speed rating, and tire load index chart. Majority of drivers these days are buying all season tires, but you should take a look at summer tires and winter tires as well, since they provide enhanced performance for certain weather conditions and usage. Finally, ome tips and advice on changing wheel size, since some drivers would like larger, but should consider other aspects before buying new set of wheels.